Manage Your Bone Density with Confidence

Good bone health ensures you have the strength to perform your daily activities. Take an active stance on your skeletal system’s integrity and screen your bone density regularly. At First California Physician Partners, our network of health clinics and diagnostic centers empower you with the information you need to keep your bones strong and healthy. Using the latest technology and equipment, along with the assistance of knowledgeable bone density specialists, we make managing critical lifestyle decisions an easier experience.

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Important Overview of Osteoporosis and Osteopenia

Your bones gain their strength by absorbing essential vitamins and minerals through your diet. Age, family history, and hormonal changes, however, can drastically affect how your body processes these minerals, which directly affects bone strength. One of the first warning signs of bone degeneration is osteopenia, a condition in which your bone density is below what is considered normal for your age. Osteopenia can be carefully monitored so that you may adjust your diet and lifestyle to encourage healthy bones. However, if it is left unchecked, it can develop into osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a chronic medical condition during which your bones are brittle and weak. In other words, new bone cells in your body cannot be produced fast enough to replace the old cells that are constantly being absorbed by your body. Osteoporosis patients are always at risk of breaking their bones – even as a result of menial tasks such as bending over or lifting household items. This condition is prevalent in high-stress regions of your skeletal system, including your spine, wrists, feet, and hips.

Know Your Progress with Bone Density Scans

As with many other medical conditions, proper screening and diagnosis lead to early detection and effective treatments. Learn more about your risk of osteopenia and other bone disorders with bone density scans. We offer comprehensive bone densitometry testing for patients of all ages, and we encourage elderly patients to supplement their annual physicals with these tests. Our clinics offer specialized testing to pinpoint your risk of bone degeneration. Since bone density is different all across your body, these minimally invasive procedures survey specific parts of your skeletal system to measure your risk. This gives you a clearer picture of your overall bone health.

Working with Your Bone Density Specialist

A bone density specialist makes it easy to evaluate the condition of your skeletal system. Since the results of a bone density test are quick, you and your doctor are able to make decisions regarding your health in a timely manner. Our bone density specialist works with you to determine if you must take action. Of course, our medical specialists are available to provide information on how you can manage your risk of bone loss. Often, taking a series of small steps makes a huge difference. That is why we consult on a variety of areas to strengthen your bones, including dieting, lifestyle counseling, and orthopedic intervention. As a team, we help you set, meet, and exceed your bone health goals.

Fight Back against Brittle Bones

Protect your lifestyle and avoid fractures by taking an active stand against brittle bones. Our network of physicians and bone doctors, and orthopedic specialists are dedicated to improving your bone health. By adopting a personalized approach to care and diagnostics, we provide customized treatment schedules that allow you to control your bone health on your terms. Call 844-523-6272 today to book an appointment, find detailed provider information, office locations, hours, and more.

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Take a stand against osteoporosis and contact us today to request an appointment for a bone density test. Call us directly at 844-523-6272 to find a bone health clinic in greater Orange County, California, nearest you.