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A productive and healthy life depends on a sound body and a peaceful mind. Stay up-to-date with your current condition and request a gynecological exam. At First California Physician Partners, we provide women’s reproductive health care that allows you to take charge of your life. We have women’s health centers in greater Orange County, California, and we serve patients of all ages. When you know how your body is doing, you are empowered to make informed lifestyle choices and live how you want. Call 844-523-6272 today to book an appointment, find detailed provider information, office locations, hours, and more.

The Gynecological Exam – An Important Facet of Health

As a woman, you have unique and specific health needs that require the care, attention, and insight of a trained gynecologist. For this reason, our health care network offers comprehensive physical examinations for every patient, including the gynecological exam. A gynecological exam is an extension of the physical which addresses your reproductive health. As specific types of cancers and medical conditions can affect your pelvic region, including your vagina and cervix, it is important to undergo routine screenings so you have total knowledge of your body. Early detection of problems leads to earlier, and more effective, treatments.

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Throughout your life, our gynecologists are here to guide you to optimal health. For this reason, we offer a variety of screenings and diagnostic exams that detect specific health conditions as you age. Age plays an important role in the risk of contracting certain disorders, such as osteoporosis, so our physicians may include additional tests during your annual physical. Our clinics screen for a variety of variables, including:

  • Cancer Risks, Especially of the Breasts and Cervix
  • Fertility Testing
  • Bone Density

The Pap Smear Saves Lives

Protect your reproductive health with a routine Pap smear. Preventive screenings such as this test are seminal in the effective treatment of several high-risk medical conditions, including cervical cancers and Human Papilloma Virus. The Pap smear takes a small sample of your cervical tissue and examines it for abnormal cells. Depending on the results, the sample may be taken to the laboratory for a biopsy and further diagnosis. This diagnostic is recommended for all female patients, regardless of sexual activity. Simply put, it is an effective examination that significantly reduces your risk of suffering from the ravages of cancer and HPV.

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Gynecologist Who Are on Your Side

You deserve compassionate care that respects your right to privacy and peace of mind. That is why our Gynecologist are committed to delivering quality, professional service that caters to your specific health needs. From routine examinations to specialized treatments, we adapt to your health situation. Your overall wellness is our top concern.

Take a proactive stance on your health and call us at 844-523-6272 to locate a gynecologist near you. We proudly serve women throughout the greater Long Beach and central Orange County, California area.