Keeping the Community Healthy with Immunizations

Protect yourself, your family, and everyone around you from contracting deadly diseases by getting your immunizations from doctors with the First California Physician Partners group in greater Orange County, California. As part of our primary care services, our clinics provide the full range of recommended vaccinations for child, adult, and elderly patients, as well as flu shots and immune booster shots.

By following your immunization schedule, you take an important step toward helping our community stay healthy. Whether you need to renew your tetanus shot or your child needs a pneumonia vaccine, our doctors offer the immunizations you need to stay safe. Call our medical group at 844-523-6272 today to schedule a vaccination appointment, locate important provider information, office locations, and hours, and much more. If you prefer not to call, please fill out the form on the right and a staff member will contact you shortly.

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The Importance of Receiving Vaccinations

Ward off life-threatening illnesses with vaccines from our physicians. Not only do vaccinations prevent you from catching diseases, but also they halt the spread of illness from one person to another. Over the course of the last several decades, advancements in immunizations have allowed populations to eliminate epidemics of once highly feared diseases and illnesses, such as measles, mumps, polio, small pox, and whooping cough. Ensure you, your loved ones, and those around you stay safe by staying on track with your immunization schedule.

Vaccines are safe for patients of all ages, with very few exceptions. They have been heavily researched and study after study has proven that immunizations are effective at stopping diseases without harming the patient. If you have any concerns about vaccines, please speak with our doctors to have them addressed.

Vaccines for School Enrollment Available

In order to protect the student body, most schools require their students to have certain vaccinations. The practices in our medical group offer all the vaccinations your child requires for school enrollment at any level. Learn more about your district’s requirements for immunization by contacting us.

Beat the Flu This Season

Ward off the flu this year by staying up-to-date on your flu shots. Every flu season is different and the virus is constantly changing, so it is important to have the latest shot to stay safe. Getting your flu shot not only keeps you healthy, but also helps stop the spread of the virus to your friends and family. Visit us to learn which of our many options for flu shots would work best for you.

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Contact First California Physician Partners for more information on the immunizations our clinics offer. Call 844-523-6272 to speak with our patient advisors about vaccinations.