Lifesaving Pacemakers Regulate Your Heart

Having a heart condition can make it difficult to perform even the most routine of tasks. Take back your active lifestyle with the help of our pacemaker doctors serving Orange County, California. At First California Physician Partners, our network of heart health clinics enables you to keep your heart beating normally. Our doctors and surgeons provide state-of-the-art pacemakers that enable you to live the life you want. Call (844) 523-6272 today to book an appointment, find detailed provider information, office locations, hours, and more.

How Pacemakers Improve Your Life

Advances in technology have made it easier for patients suffering from arrhythmia, and other heart conditions, to live better. One of these advances is the pacemaker, an electronic device that is surgically implanted in your chest or abdomen. It is equipped with a sophisticated monitoring system, a battery, and electrodes. It monitors your heartbeat for any irregularities, and administers small electrical impulses that enable your heart to maintain a normal heart rate. It is programmed specifically to adapt to changes in your body and heart rate. Whether you are performing daily chores or exercising, you can go about your regular activities with confidence. Since it is a discreet device, living with a pacemaker does not interfere with your daily life.

Cardiology That You Can Count on

A healthy heart leads to a healthy life. Count on our cardiology network to be there for you when you need compassionate care. We have the medical professionals and equipment to ensure your specific cardiovascular needs are met. Thanks to our dedication to providing professional service in a comfortable environment, we are able to deliver personalized care for you and your loved ones. Whether for routine physicals or in-depth treatments, we cover the entire spectrum of heart screening, diagnosis, and treatment.

The Right Heart Doctor Is Here

Your heart doctor is a specialist who is dedicated to providing the care you need. We act as your advocate during the entire heart treatment process. Our doctors work hard to refer you to qualified surgeons and practitioners. As a team, we provide the encouragement, resources, and expertise to keep your heart on the right track. Whether you need pacemaker surgery or a heart transplant, our team makes every effort to organize the treatments and procedures that suit you.

Making Pacemaker Surgery a Life-Changing Experience

You deserve to know the purpose, benefits, and risks pertaining to pacemaker surgery. For this reason, our team of cardiologists is dedicated to informing you of your procedure at every level of service. During your appointment, we make a point to discuss any precautions you must take regarding your pacemaker. We also work with you to schedule appointments so your heart doctor can monitor your pacemaker’s performance, making adjustments as necessary.

Take control of your heart health and contact us today to request an appointment with our pacemaker doctors in greater Orange County, California. You may call us at (844) 523-6272 or use the form on your right to request more information.