Follow Your Child’s Development via Safe Ultrasounds

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Pregnancy ultrasounds are an important resource during pregnancy for both you and your doctor. They can be used to confirm the pregnancy, set a delivery date, and determine whether it is a single or multiple pregnancy. This kind of imaging technology can also be used to assess your baby’s heartbeat, muscle tone, and movements for any abnormalities, and screen for any potential birth defects. By following your ultrasound schedule, you become better prepared for the birth of your new child.

Pregnant Woman

Seeing the baby for the first time is also a momentous occasion for expectant parents. Let us refer you to a sonography clinic to share this special moment with you. Expectant parents typically schedule their first ultrasounds around 18 to 20 weeks of pregnancy. For some situations, your doctor may recommend scheduling earlier, during the first trimester.

Have a 3D Pregnancy Ultrasound for High-Detailed Images

Imagine seeing your child in photo-realistic detail before he or she is even born. It is possible with a 3D pregnancy ultrasound. This form of sonography takes several 2D images at various angles in order to create a highly detailed rendering of your child in the womb.

Although this cutting edge imaging technology is not utilized as often as standard ultrasounds, it can be very useful in special cases. Most doctors or technicians will recommend the procedure in order to examine your baby more closely for suspected anomalies.

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